Welcome to the Freight Control website!

The Freight Control application enables barge owners and shipping companies to improve their financial performance. It gives insight in the latest market rates and prices, profit margins and operational profitability.

Information available where ever you are
Via iPhone and Android apps you can access the service everywhere you want. It is also possible to log in to the application with a pc using an internet browser. Whatever suits you! Click here for more information.
Market rates and prices
Get access to the latest ARA and Rhine barge freight rates plus diesel prices for fuel bunkers. With this data you can instantly see if offered prices are in line with the market. Click here for more information.
Calculate profit margins for every voyage
Based on your ship’s cost-profile it is easy to calculate profit margins for each and every voyage. Very useful information during negotiations! Click here for more information.
Analyse financial performance
Without any effort it is possible to have insight in and analyse financial performance. Click here for more information.


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