This page deals with the most commonly asked questions about the Freight Control application.

How do I sign up for Freight Control?

You are able to sign up by contacting PJK International via phone (+31 (0) 76 76 76 323) or via mail info@freightcontrol.eu. The most efficient way is to sign up via the form on this website.

Where am I able to find the prices of the Freight Control application?

In the menu Prices the prices for the Freight Control application are described with the different forms of licenses.
How can I use the Freight Control application?

Freight Control is compatible for your PC and your mobile device (phone or tablet) as well. Via an active internet connection and internet browser (Explorer, Firefox or Safari) you are able to visit and apply the application. For your mobile device accounts the specifications of an iOS operating system for Apple and Android 3.0/4.0 for other mobile devices.

What information do I need to completely utilize the Freight Control application?

Besides common company – and user data you will need to enter specific data of your ship or fleet. Data that is requested to create realistic calculation of your cost profile are: mortgage, insurance, depreciation, provisions, maintenance – and labor costs. Other information that is necessary are general ship characteristics, fuel usage and utilization mode.

How do I use the Freight Control application in the most optimal way?

The better prepared you are, the more successful you will be, a saying that also applies for Freight Control. PJK International is able to prepare you fully in working with the application. In the first phase we will assist you with the installation and enhance your knowledge and skills by giving a training course.

The second phase consists of autonomous utilization of the application in which you are always free to contact us for possible support. A trick to save a lot of time is to make copies of your trips.

Finally we would like to emphasize that the use of the Freight Control application only will be successful once you are prepared to register all data and continuously feed the application with new information.